Teacher Orientation 2017 – June 14 – Welcome & Hockey

Today was the first day! We started a delicious lunch catered by dear Roland and Adam. We met all of our new colleagues -and friends- that we will spending the summer with. We had a round of SuperBingo, where we discovered each others secret interests, loves, and pet peeves. After we played hockey, and surprisingly the most clumsy team who fell down multiple times actually won!

We learned how to improve our lessons and expand our curriculum! After that we met Kyle, a veteran teacher whose lessons are legendary. We bonded over unique Slurpee flavours like Coke, Orange, and the illusive Banana.

We didn’t burn our supper, so our cooking skills are top-notch! As one of our new idioms goes: “too many cooks in the kitchen.” But not here!

We are already starting to become a family and can’t wait for tomorrow.

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