Teacher Orientation 2018 – June 14 – Rock Climbing, Casino Night, and Other Fun Things!

The next 24 hours were great as well. We started off the day with a healthy and scrumptious fam-jam breakfast. We still haven’t seen Adam without a smile, and we constantly wonder why his face isn’t sore. The highlight of our day was rock climbing. We learned how to belay each other, tie a ‘figure 8’ knot, and ensure the safety of ourselves as well as each other.

We all feel very excited about experiencing rock climbing with other staff and students. Good thing we aren’t afraid of heights, or reaching new heights! Ha! Ha! Overall, we have made great new friends, had new experiences, and feel more comfortable with our surroundings here at SAIT.

In the evening we ended up at a swanky club. The glitz, the glamour, the gambling was rampant. We needed ID to get in, but luckily for us we all had ours on hand, and we also remembered the password to get in.

When we entered inside, we were given foreign funds… Wynchemna dollars. $500 to be exact. Then we gambled away and learned all sorts of card tricks. Margaret’s favourite was “52 Pick up!” There were so many teachers that weren’t ready to risk it all in playing poker. “This isn’t origami, you can only fold once,” said Adam sternly. We also played Bingo, Uno, and 21. What a day!

We went home with fancy prizes and a giddyup in our step. Oh, what a night!

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