Teacher Orientation – June 13 – Intro, Bingo & Hockey

So what do we think about our first 24 hours at Wynchemna? Adam is cutthroat… well at least when playing hockey; Adam showed us that he had many years of practice. Even though some of us were on the same team, he still managed to beat us all.

Later, we had a lesson on ESL teaching by Amanda. She was amazing! She taught us so many ways to teach ESL, while incorporating some fun games. She also gave us a lot of advice and told us stories about her past experiences. We the teachers–much in the same as We The North–are a team. We learned very quickly how to work together to get tasks done. We have made quick friendships with each other and know that we will support and help each other throughout the summer.

Kyle, a Wynchemna teacher alumni, came over at the end of the day for dinner. He was very good at reassuring us that though there is a lot going on at this camp, his time here was such an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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