Teachers for the Summer of 2015

This is Wynchemna’s 20 Anniversary!!!

I cannot believe how fast time flies. It seems just like yesterday I was writing the last blog from the unforgettable summer of 2014 after I went hiking with Gesthika and Lucas.

The teachers for the summer of 2015 look amazing. Of course we have some awesome returning teachers coming back and some new brilliant teachers beginning their first ever Wynchemna experience. Here is  a description of the teachers.



This year marks my seventh at Wynchemna, meeting new students, teaching, and exploring the Rocky Mountains with students from around the world. This year I will be coordinating Wynchena’s Vancouver camp for the third year, along with preparing new Wynchemna teachers for an unforgettable summer. I am currently doing Master’s work on environmental education, and am a French and English teacher in the prairie province of  Saskatchewan. As a teacher I like to connect language learning in meaningful ways, through English pop culture, music, Canadiana, and our country’s majestic natural beauty.IMG_2326



I am so excited to be back for my second summer teaching at Wynchemna! I love spending as much time as possible outdoors; whether it’s jumping in a cold lake after a long hike or going for a bike ride in the neighbourhood. I also enjoy being active and am always looking for new activities to try. I can’t wait to meet everyone and spend an incredible summer with you all in the Canadian Rockies!





I am from the province of New Brunswick on the east coast of Canada and I am very excited for my first year at Wynchemna with so many new people to meet and cultures to experience.  I love being active, whether it be hiking a mountain, swimming in the ocean, or playing sports with friends.  I have an affinity for traveling and discovering new things about the world.  I must say that North Face gives the best advice : Never stop exploringimage



I cannot think of a better way to spend my summer than getting to know others from all around the world and exploring the prairies and Rockies with Wynchemna. Although I’m from Alberta I’ve had the opportunity to study two years in Wales, living and learning in an intercultural community, and am currently studying in the lively city of Montreal. From my experiences living and traveling abroad I have learned many new things and found passion through writing about them. I have many interests, however I particularly enjoy the adventure of sea kayaking, the intensity of a great volleyball game, and the freedom of dance. The past two years I have been lucky to be a part of a South Asian fusion dance team where I learned styles I had never heard of before! I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone and am excited for all the new experiences we’ll share!Alyssa photo for Wynchemna




My name is Morgan and I’m thrilled to be apart of the Wynchemna teaching staff. I enjoy travelling, playing basketball, modelling  and supporting local musicians.  I can’t wait to spend my summer engaging and interacting with students from across the globe . I know this will be a summer full of everlasting memories.





Hey everyone! This will be my third summer at Wynchemna, because Wynchemna is the best place to be! I’m stoked to share with you the great culture and life we have in Western Canada. I am personally a big fan of language learning, and can’t wait for all the exciting English lessons 😉 I am also an avid reader, musician, and hiker. My spare time is largely consumed with 3D printing, learning a new language (currently Spanish), and finding new places to cycle in Calgary. Welcome to all new and returning teachers and students! Get ready for the best summer ever.afa8169018fa352577fcfefc77aed81a.temp



I am incredibly excited for all of the adventures this summer! I am especially looking forward to learning and growing together as a group. I love being active and I love the outdoors. I enjoy running, hiking, and lots of other outdoor activities. I also love competition and team oriented games and sports. I enjoy travelling and experiencing new sceneries and cultures. My perfect day would include chilling on a beach while listening to music and absorbing the sunshine ☺!Komil



Hi! My name is Nalanda and I’m excited to be working at Wynchemna again this summer! I just finished a degree in English Literature, and I’m hoping to use my education in the future to teach English as a Second Language both abroad and in Canada. I love reading, traveling, spending time with friends in the great Canadian outdoors, and eating lots of delicious food. I taught in Calgary and Vancouver with Wynchemna last summer and I had a blast meeting students from all over the world and showing them the best parts of Canada!




After spending a few summers teaching at Wynchemna Vancouver, I am back this summer to teach in Calgary. Interests are: hiking, camping, music, and photography.image1 2



Hi! I’m Nilabjo! Before you get too overwhelmed trying to pronounce my name, just remember one thing: the ‘j’ is NOT silent. Anyways, I love lists. So, let me introduce myself in Buzzfeed style.

5 Fun Tidbits about Me

  1. My name means ‘Blue Lotus’ in my native tongue of Bengali.
  2. I’ve been bald since 19. So, your bald jokes won’t bother me!
  3. I’ve set foot in over 20 countries. My goal is to make that number 30 by end of 2015
  4. My list of famous people encounters include One Direction and Backstreet Boys.
  5. If you are in my class, you better love talking about music, travel and Canada. 820760_10151405993704354_2013030152_o




I love to cook (and eat). I like to ride my bike almost everywhere I go. And most of all, I love new experiences and meeting new people – which is why I’m so excited to be part of Wynchemna this summer!




“I am so incredibly excited for this summer at Wynchemna! I love to travel which makes me extremely excited to see Alberta and its history! I love meeting new people and making new connections and learning new things. I can’t wait to meet everyone, especially the students and embark on an incredible journey together!”




Hi incoming Wynchemna students! My name is Carlos and I am so excited to teach you guys English. I love the English language and want to show you all how playful and beautiful it can be. But if you want to talk about other things, like basketball, the Great Outdoors, art, or food – especially food – I’m “down” (that’s English slang that means, “I would do that”). I really admire that you guys are trying to learn a new language. Right now, I’m doing a French Immersion program and can relate to some feelings you may have doing an English immersion. It’s not always easy, but it’s really so much fun! I can’t wait to meet you all soon.980372_196015593889451_1802246118_o


Hi! I’m Matthew, and I’m from Regina, Saskatchewan. I studied languages for 12 years including French, Latin, and Spanish. I love working with students to help them improve their skills, and have tutored and taught various subjects over the years. I look forward to putting my experience to good use during my time at Wynchemna.
For Roland
This will be my first summer with Wychenma and I am so excited to be part of this community. Art and teaching are two of my passions in life; I spend a lot of my time outside exploring, then recreating the world in my art. I love meeting new people, sharing experiences and laughing! I cannot wait for the summer to start!


I’m a certified teacher from a small rural town in Southwestern Ontario. I am a self-proclaimed yogi, an amateur runner, an avid hiker, and an experienced camper. This job combines many of my loves: teaching, travel, the beautiful outdoors and living an active life.  I am excited to join the Wynchemna team and experience Western Canada for the first time! I look forward to meeting you all this summer!

Photo 2014-12-27, 8 34 05 AM


“Hey! I’m Jefferson from Nova Scotia by way of Montreal. I grew up in Kuwait and the US, and I developed a love for travel and meeting people from all over the world as a result! I’m ludicrously excited about being involved with Camp Wynchemna this summer. I love working with youth, spending time outdoors, gaining new experiences, and being surrounded by people. I have a passion for adventure and education, and I look forward to combining the two at Wynchemna! I also adore strategy board games, quality cinema, and good books – particularly memoirs. Can’t wait to meet you all soon!”




My name is Josh and this is my 4th year as a teacher. I am really excited for our 20th year anniversary! We are going to have so much fun learning English. My favourite Wynchemna activities are the Great Calgary Race and the International Supper. I also love all the awesome sports and of course CAMPING!  I am excited to share the best of Canadian culture with everyone and also learn a lot about the world from our students this year. I am not at all shy so if you see me around campus come say hello!



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