Thumping Snowshoe Hares – July 13, 2017 – Kayaking, Beach Volleyball, Golfing, Rock Climbing

Today was learnt five different sports, and everyone showed off their athletic abilities! We had our breakfast with our breakfast groups at 8:30am and then split up into two groups. Group A started out at the Calgary canoe club with kayaking while group B was in the park enjoying a game of American football. After an hour the groups switched activities, giving all the students a chance to experience both sports.

We had our lunch on campus, it was delicious. On the menu today was noodles, lots of veggies and fruit. That lunch gave us the energy we needed to continue our activities.The afternoon activities were rock climbing, volleyball and golf.

A day of sports sure got us hungry with all the paddling, running, catching, passing and climbing. As a treat we got to go to north hill mall for supper where we ate Italian food, pizza and After supper we walked back to campus to have our lessons.

Lessons were a wonderful time as we finished our day and got ready for another full day tomorrow !

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