Wonderful Memories – Summer of 2014

IMG_0709Students, parents, teachers, friends, relatives, agents, here is the final blog from the summer of 2014 – what a summer. I have not had so much fun talking to students, doing recreational activities and camping in the Canadian Rockies in years because I am always sitting in the office doing all the paper work and arranging all the activities, meals, buses, camping trip, etc.  What a thrill it was again to be engaging with the students and teachers.

Back in 1995, Wynchemna ran its first course. So the summer of 2015 will be the 20 year anniversary. How time flies? I cannot believe how lucky I am still doing a job I love – teaching English, instructing activities and sports, coaching, counselling, cooking, organizing, chatting and camping in one of the most spectacular  environments in the world:  The Canadian Rockies!!!!!!

The final photo is a fitting image of the summer and the last 20 years in a way, beautiful scenery, great company, awesome lunch, on top of the mountain, hiking with one last student because he was unable to book a flight on the same day as the other students so I took Lukas and Gesthika to the mountains one more time to experience incredible views while chatting about various topics.  After the hike, we jumped into a glacier fed lake, which seemed to cap the day off by refreshing us and bonding us with nature again.

Thanks Lukas and Gesthika.

Yes, Yes, Yes, I have been in the Rockies more than 100 times, but it is such a special place I never get tired of sharing the beauty with others!!!!!

Bye – see you next year!


Wynchemna – still an adventure I (you) will never forget……….

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