What are the course fees?

For more information about program fees, please get in touch with us and we’ll have an agent in your area contact you within 24 hours.

What is included in the program?

All courses include accommodations (more information on accommodations below), three meals a day, snacks, health insurance, language lessons, ESL class materials, a Wynchemna t-shirt, one telephone card, activities, a camping trip, and pick-up and drop-off at airports.

How many students attend Wynchemna?

On average, Wynchemna hosts 200 students over the summer months. However, in each program there are about 20 students.

Where are the students from?

Normally, 30 per cent are from Europe, 30 per cent are from Mexico and South American, 30 per cent are from Asia and 10 per cent are from places like Quebec, etc. We usually do not accept more than 15 students from one country per course.

How many teachers are there and what training do they have?

All the teachers in the program have either English language qualifications, second language training, or overseas experience. Most teachers have experience working with youth. We have small classes so teachers can focus on helping students improve their English skills in a short period of time. Overall, the average ratio between students and teachers is eight-to-one.

Where do the students stay while in Vancouver?

For students who visit Vancouver, they stay at the student residences at the University of British Columbia (UBC).  There is one student per bedroom in modern apartment-style accommodations. Each bedroom has a chair, desk, and dresser. There is a living room, kitchen, and dining room in each apartment, and a refrigerator for students to store their drinks and snacks. Students will enjoy beautiful surroundings and comfortable rooms!

Where do the students stay while in Calgary?

For students in Calgary, the living accommodation is situated in the student residences in the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). The students live in modern residences, share a bedroom with one other student, and live in an apartment with other students from various different countries. There are usually four bedrooms in an apartment, a living room with a TV and a kitchen. In each bedroom there is a telephone so that students can call home.  Every two students have one phone to share. Every four students share a bathroom. It is a friendly campus for students and those who join the program discover that the campus is a stimulating place to learn and a relaxing place to live.

Who do the students stay with while at Wynchemna?

Wynchemna tries to place students who speak different languages together so that the students have to speak English with one another.  The thrill of meeting someone new from a different country is a great chance to practice your English.  If you come to Wynchemna with a friend, they will probably be less than a minute away in another room.

Do students need to bring their own camping equipment?

Wynchemna supplies the sleeping bags, tents, and other camping equipment during the camping excursions. Each student can take a knapsack or backpack for the camping trip.  Suitcases will be left at the residences.  Students can take a shower every second day when we visit the hot springs or a pool in the campgrounds. Students are expected to help prepare meals with the teachers as well as help wash the dishes and load and unload the bus. When Wynchemna goes camping, everyone pitches in!

How do the students get to Wynchemna from the airport?

Organizers from Wynchemna meet the students at airport (either Vancouver YVR or Calgary YYC) upon their arrival.  At the end of the program, the organizers will take the students back to the airport for their return flights.

My question wasn’t answered here – how can I find out what I want to know?

Simply get in touch with us and we’ll set up a call with an agent in your area to further discuss the Wynchemna courses.


What are the costs for extra activities?

Everything that is listed in the brochure is included – if students want to buy souvenirs they will need to spend their own money or if they want to buy a particular snack.  Students are discouraged from buying junk food as snacks and meals are provided.

How much spending money are students encouraged to bring?

Students are encouraged to bring $300-600 with them for extra spending money.

Is the cost of the plane ticket included in the price of the camp?

No – students will be required to get their own plane tickets (and apply for any visas required to enter Canada).

Is there an extra cost for medical insurance?

It is already included in the price – we buy health insurance for every student.


What are the goals of the program?

To hear students say: “I learned more English at Wynchemna than I did all last year in school!”

What is the student teacher ratio?

For every eight students, we have one teacher.

Why don’t you have counselors?

The teachers that teach in the mornings also participate in the afternoon and evening activities with the students as well. It is a very unique programme in that sense. The students get to know the teachers in the classroom as well as outside the classroom and that is why a lot of English is learned outside the classroom. The teachers are always ready to speak and chat with the students in English.

How much time is spent in classroom?

We have about four hours a day of English lessons in the classroom every morning. Usually there are three different teachers who teach about an hour and 20 minutes for each lesson.


How much time is spent on activities?

Every afternoon and every evening there are different recreational activities offered for the students.

What are the activities and how do they relate to the curriculum to enhance learning and retention?

Typical activities include canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, hockey, skating, baseball, football, soccer, basketball, beach volleyball, swimming, badminton, international supper, movies, roller-skating, bowling, squash, racquet ball, golf, ‘Loose Moose’, ceramics, sailing, and amusement park visits, and more!

How much homework or evening assignments will be required of the students each evening?

There is no homework.  Students are learning English through recreational activities. When we go to the movies, we actually go to the movies (not like other schools, which just rent a video). This means that the students have to look at the movie choices, decide which movie they want to go to, watch the movie and then the next day in English class, the student will do some kind of assignment about the movie.

What is done in cases where the students English ability is very low ?

The teachers do a lot of training at the orientation about students who do not speak a lot of English. At the beginning the teachers might speak a lot with their hands to describe things, but within a few days, the students can understand quite a bit because they do not have a translator here and they have to make the effort to learn English.

Eating and Food

Is food included?

Yes, food is included in the price.

What is the food like?

In the mornings, breakfast is with about eight students and one teacher.  At lunch, the students can choose from a variety of meals offered at the cafeteria. Supper we have at different locations depending on the evening activity.  For example, we might eat at Swiss Chalet (a local restaurant) when we go roller-skating.

What kind of food will the students be eating?

Basically everything is possible. We sometimes eat Chinese, sometimes Italian, as well as chicken, rice, noodles, Subway sandwich, etc.

Is all food included in the cost of the program?

Yes, we also offer snacks or fruit  for the students as well. We do not provide junk food for the students. If they want to buy a Coke or a chocolate bar, then they have to use their own money. If we have a full day excursion, the teachers will bring fruit, drinks and some sacks on the bus.


What are the accommodations like?

In Calgary the students reside at the student residences of SAIT.  There are 2 students per bedroom and eight students in an apartment.  In each bedroom, there is a telephone, which students can use to call home to let their parents know they arrived safely in Calgary. In the apartments, there  is a living room and kitchen. The students  can use the  kitchen if they get hungry in the evening.

Do students share a dormitory or single room?

Students are not in a dormitory, instead they will stay in an apartment with eight students in one apartment and two students per bedroom.

If students are paired with other students, are they places with students of different countries or with students from the same country?

Students who speak the same language generally do not share a bedroom.

If students stay in homestays, how are the families selected?

No homestays are available in our program.

How are my child`s clothes cleaned – what if they have never done laundry?

Yes, the students do their own laundry. We supply the washing powder and
 show them how to do it and then they do it themselves. It is very easy. It 
costs  about $2 to wash and $2 to dry clothes.

Communication with Home

How are students able to maintain contact with parents so parents can find out how they are doing?

We give each student one telephone card when they arrive in Calgary. It has about 30 to 45 minutes talking time. Students can buy telephone cards for $5 if they need it.

How can parents get hold of their child if they haven’t heard from them for few days or weeks?

After the first phone call, students often do not find time to call home because we are so busy doing activities.  If the parents want their child to phone home, simply just send a message to our office and one of the  teachers will pass the message to the students.

Where is the booklet for the list of things to bring?

Contact your agent or Wynchemna directly through the website for this list.

How are students comforted if they don’t adjust?

The teachers live on the residence so they can go and talk to the teachers, but we usually do not have this problem. Students are so busy that they do not have time often to call home. They are having so much fun with the recreational activities as well as the meeting students from different countries.

During the camp, can parents visit their kids?

Yes, but students usually do not like when parents come because they are having fun with their new friends and they do not want to take the time out to see their parents.

How do I book the plane ticket?

We suggest you get a travel agent to assist you with the booking of the plane ticket. It is also possible to book online.

Are students met and picked up from the airport – by who and how?

Yes, the students are met by the Wynchemna teachers.

Are students transported to the airport for departures – by who and how?

Yes, and there are no extra costs. They usually travel by a school bus to the airport with someone from Whnchemna.

What should my child bring with them?

Please look at the Wynchemna booklet for a full list of items.

How much clothing should my child pack for the camp and what type of clothing?

Please look at the Wynchemna booklet for a list of clothing to bring.

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