We love to get wet at Wynchemna! Take a look through our gallery to see all the different fun ways we have of getting you into the water — whether it’s in a stream, lake, river, ocean, hot spring or swimming pool. Wynchemna’s goal is to keep you busy and having fun so you can experience Canadian life and learn English too!

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Water Park

Day Trips

All of our courses offer different, exciting day trips that allow you to explore Canada outside of the big cities. Depending on which course you choose, you may end up visiting a a rodeo, see dinosaur bones, go zip-lining, cross a suspension bridge or see some frolicking whales in the Pacific Ocean (just to name a few).

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Hiking and Camping

One of our favourite things to do is hike and camp in the beautiful Canadian wilderness. See giant cedars, explore pristine mountain lakes, roast marshmallows over a camp fire and sleep in the great outdoors. We will get you out hiking, teach you how to pitch a tent and don’t forget — the whole time you are polishing your English skills!

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Group Games

We like to get everyone to try new games such as ice hockey, baseball, golf, ice-skating, rock-climbing, mountain biking and a whole lot more! Check out our gallery to see just how much fun is had each summer at Wynchemna!

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Mountain Biking

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