Migrating Pacific Salmon – July 31, 2017 – Bella Ceramica and Lacrosse

The students had breakfast at the UBC cafeteria this morning, we started the day with pancakes and scrambled eggs- so nutritious and delicious! After their breakfast the teachers introduced the most exciting class to the students- Wynchemna TV! They broke into groups and were responsible for a part of a TV program, such as: commercials, […]

Galloping Western Mustangs – July 31, 2017 – Mustangs Are Camp Ready!

Tomorrow the Mustangs will pack up their stables and horseshoes, and they’ll be off to Kananaskis Country for a week long adventure of camping. In order to be as ready as possible, today was dedicated to tent group activities and games. After their breakfast and three English lessons were completed, they enjoyed a delicious lunch […]

Whispering Northern Raccoons – July 31st, 2017 – Monday Fun Day!

We got to sleep in today! We started with a delicious breakfast of waffles with some true Canadian maple syrup, SO GOOD! After we jumped right into our lessons for the day. We debated in class and learned some new Canadian Slang, such fun things to learn here in Canada. After a great lunch of […]

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