Today’s wonderful day began rather eventful here at Wynchemna! The students gathered together for a healthy nutritious breakfast, consisting of varying fruits, eggs, bacon, and milk! After the students had breakfast, all were gathering to build a movie plot for the upcoming movie that they will be making! The students had some great ideas throughout the movie building experience, and came up with an idea of creating the first even Star Wars High school Musical! It will certainly be an amazing experience to build a movie with each other, as they can play their favourite characters from both High School Musical, as well as Star wars! After the movie plot was made, the students gathered and prepped to go hiking at Calgary’s mountains in Kananaskis! The hike trip began with a wonderful lunch at one of the lakes, and the hike began but unfortunately ended pre maturely to do weather concerns! The students were not to be bored, as they enjoyed fresh glacier water, and took wonderful pictures of the scenery that is the Rocky Mountains! The day then ended with some wonderful pizza at Boston Pizza, which evidently put the students to bed! Another wonderful day at Wynchemna.

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