Today dinoSOARED by when we went on a trip to the palaeontology capital of Alberta!

The day started with a nutritious breakfast and lessons that made the students smile. After lunch we headed to Drumheller, where the dinosaurs used to roam.

We went to horseshoe canyon where we unfortunately found no horseshoes but that’s okay because we were searching for fossils. We frolicked through the hoodoos and took many scenic and goofy pictures. It was the perfect Alberta day for our hike up and down the rocky hills. After the hike we shared some delicious watermelon and took the bus to our next destination – The Royal Tyrell Museum!

The Museum is filled with dinosaur bones that were found right here in Alberta, along with some from all around the world. The students were in awe of the marvels that the museum holds.

The day closed with games of volleyball and soccer that the students loved. We cooked up some hotdogs and hamburgers for supper along with our favourite condiments and toppings. Before departing we frolicked around and got all wet in the splash park.

We charged home to SAIT and awarded Richard as our student of the day then crawled into bed for a good night’s sleep.

Tyranasauraseeya later!

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