What an adventure the last week has been! The Pelicans have experienced so much in their week together, which started in Whistler, BC. Here everybody set up their tents after a beautiful drive up the coastline to their destination. The whole group worked together to make a delicious meal before they headed to bed in preparation for the big day to follow!

The next started with a homemade breakfast in the campsite before we all packed in the bus for a short drive into the Whistler village. Here students enjoyed some shopping before regrouping to head up the gondola to explore wonders the mountains held. Their trek up started with a chairlift to the peak to peak gondola which is the longest gondola in the world of its kind! Once they arrived across the other side of the mountain they enjoyed a warm meal before visiting the top of Whistler Mountain! This journey ended with another gondola ride down the mountain. The excitement continued as student went right into ziplining in the forest! Everyone got to do 5 different lines where they tried tricks such as going hands free or even upside down! The day ended with a meal altogether back at the camp before headed to bed.

On our third day, we crossed the ocean to visit Vancouver Island! The ferry ride was a lot of fun as students enjoyed the sights of the ocean from the deck and ice cream that was also available. After the ferry ride with some authentic fish and chips, we headed to Horne Lake to spend the night! Students enjoyed swimming and the bright starry sky that evening before tucking into their sleeping bags for bed.

The next day was filled with excitement as we headed into the Horne Lake Caves! This two hour exploration tour had the students experience absolute darkness as they relied on their gear to see the underground world that lay ahead of them. After our time in the dark, we enjoyed soaking up the sun as we had a barbeque out by the water for lunch! Then we packed back into the bus to head to our next camp destination, beautiful Newcastle Island! To get there we took a little ferry with only our gear to camp there for a night.  Everyone enjoyed the beautiful views the island offered as they splashed around in the ocean water. The night so warm the some students even spelt underneath the starts so they could enjoy the shooting stars that the night sky offered.

We enjoyed a relaxed morning as we ventured off the island to travel to Victoria. On our way we stopped by the Potholes for a swim, laughter was heard for kilometers as everyone enjoyed a water gun fight in the fresh water.  We then continued on to our final campsite on our journey, close to Victoria. Here we prepared dinner and went to bed to get ready for the next day!

Today we saw whales!! Our day started with a bit of shopping around Victoria before we set sail on a whale watching tour. Here we saw majestic orcas jump in and out of the water in their natural habitat, what a sight! We returned to shore after a few hours out on the water. We then explored downtown Victoria for awhile before we headed back to the campsite for our final campsite dinner together.

Our last day saw us packing up and returning on the ferry to Vancouver on the main land. Here we enjoyed a wonderful last meal as a group at Moxie’s before we held our award’s ceremony. What an amazing week this has been, I know everyone is sad to say goodbye to their friends. But I can know everyone here can say this will not be a summer we will ever forget!

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