Wynchemna Teachers – 31 July 2017 – Carlos Plays!!!

Though everyday the activities excite the teachers to join the activities, today Carlos – me – had his day off, and he decided it was a day for play. After running into teacher Kathleen, preparing for cleaning and packing for camping, and Sam, caffeinating for her exciting Calgarian line-dancing lesson, I ran off to play […]

Teachers for the summer of 2017

“Hey everyone! My name is Vicky and this will be my second summer at Wynchemna. During the summertime I love to go on road trips to visit new cities in Canada or in the US. I also enjoy camping trips and trying out new outdoor activities. In my spare time, I like to play basketball, […]

Teacher Orientation 2017 – June 17-19 – Camping

Saturday The morning began with a filling breakfast. Now that the teachers were familiar with the Wynchemna breakfast routine, the food preparation flowed smoothly as everyone did their fair share. After cleaning up the breakfast room and moving personal belongings to one apartment, began a lengthy process of packing everything needed for camping. Every little […]

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