Paddling River Otters – July 23rd 2018 – Farewell Party and Certificates

Many tears were shed, much love was shared and many memories were created between the otters today. That is because today was the last day that the big happy family of otters were together at Wynchemna. The day started with a last breakfast in their breakfast groups after which they wrote each other heartfelt messages […]

Paddling River Otters – July 22nd 2018 – The great Calgary race

After a delicious breakfast and lessons full of english learning in style, the paddling otters family prepared for one of the biggest events of the Wynchemna experience. The great Calgary race! In their breakfast groups the otters went around to many monumental locations throughout Calgary, spoke to the locals and learned there life stories, danced […]

Paddling River Otters – July 21st, 2018 – Fashion Show and Casino Night

It was a great morning because we got to sleep in lots. Breakfast and lessons seemed to fly by because they were sooooo fun. We learned lots and were excited for lunch. After lunch, we gathered in our classes and prepared a design and build costumes for the fashion show. The twist, we could only […]

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