Pouncing Forest Lynx – Our Last Night!

How has the time flown so quickly? We came back from camping in a whirl of unpacking and showering and working to look our best. We looked great and couldn’t wait to party! We started with a wonderful slideshow showcasing our favourite memories of camp, it brought some tears both of sadness and laughter as […]

Lynx – Our Camping Adventure!

Day 1: Us Lynxes always have exciting starts to our days and today was no exception! We split into two groups, one mountain biking, the other horse back riding. The horses were beautiful and us campers trouped through a four hour ride! The view was beautiful and our food was mmmmmmm delicious. Don’t think our […]

Twas the day before CAMPING…

What a day! We started off with a delicious breakfast, waffles and Nutella being the continued favourite in this camp! Then our first lesson had a special twist, we made a camp newspaper! Some students paired off and others decided to go solo writing articles about their time here at Wynchemna! We had top ten […]

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