Singing Water Loons – 7/8 August 2017 – Our Loons Leaving

When we came back from camping time passed quickly, too quickly. In our final breakfast room meal, we ate waffles, eggs, bacon – all super salty, because we were so sad and crying our way through it. We had a last lesson all together, writing goodbye letters for each other. It is so difficult to […]

Singing Water Loons – 31 July – 6 August 2017 – The Camping Water Loons

Sorry for the delay but boy did we had a fun few days in the Rockies. It was just early yesterday evening that we Loons came back from our six night camping trip at beloved Pocaterra and so the thought of returning to blogs and showers scared many of us teachers and students. The camping […]

Singing Water Loons – July 30, 2017 – The Preparing Water Loons

Today our students were very emotional. We are spending our last night together at SAIT. Though, it is not our last night together. Tomorrow we are all going camping in Kananaskis. For any good camping trip, especially a Wynchemna one, you’ve got to be prepared. So today, we packed our bags, made sure sleeping bags […]

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