Stomping Striped Porcupines – Aug 7, 2018 – Bye Bye Porcupines :(

Time sure flies, It doesn’t feel that long ago since everyone landed here in Calgary and we were all nervous and excited to meet one another. What a journey it has been! The day started off with bouts of laughter punctuated by some tear filled moments as the students watched our camp’s farewell slideshow which […]

Stomping Striped Porcupines – Aug 6, 2018 – Wynchemna’s Got Talent!

Today was a revolutionary day in Wynchemna history, never before has any group here at SAIT achieved the feats that were achieved here today. Today was the first ever… the royal premier… the grand opening of the amazing Wynchemna’s Got Talent Show! The day started off with a rather relaxing morning as we awoke not […]

Stomping Striped Porcupines – July 31-Aug 5, 2018 – Camping!

Day 1 – Tuesday, July 31st Welcome to the Great Canadian Rockies! Finally, after so much waiting and anticipation the day came! The day all the porcupines had been looking forward to for a long time… Camping day! As the bus ascended along the curvy road, the majestic Rocky Mountains which loomed over ice blue […]

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