Thumping Snowshoe Hares – July 13, 2017 – Kayaking, Beach Volleyball, Golfing, Rock Climbing

Today was learnt five different sports, and everyone showed off their athletic abilities! We had our breakfast with our breakfast groups at 8:30am and then split up into two groups. Group A started out at the Calgary canoe club with kayaking while group B was in the park enjoying a game of American football. After […]

Thumping Snowshoe Hares – July 11th, 2017 – The Great Canadian Race

The day started with some rain, but the sun came out just in time for our students to go on the Great Canadian Race. But before they went off to their adventures, they had three interactive lessons, followed by some Japanese and Austrian cuisine for lunch. On top of that, the students did their laundry […]

Thumping Snowshoe Hares – July 8th, 2017 – International Supper

Today we got to sleep in a little bit before our lessons started up. After a delicious breakfast, we learned some new food related vocabulary to use for the day and how to line dance. We promptly set out after our lunch and third lesson for the supermarket. Some of us got to go to […]

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