Camping Trip – Grunting White Pelicans – August 9-14th, 2016

What an adventure the last week has been! The Pelicans have experienced so much in their week together, which started in Whistler, BC. Here everybody set up their tents after a beautiful drive up the coastline to their destination. The whole group worked together to make a delicious meal before they headed to bed in […]

Grunting White Pelicans – August 5, 2016 – Trampoline Park, Swimming and Hockey

Today’s day started with a full breakfast in the cafeteria at UBC, as we prepared ourselves for the upcoming day. Our morning meal prepped us for English lessons to follow. There we learned a lot of new things with our teachers, Gene and Eric even had the opportunity to learn about buses up close and […]

Grunting White Pelicans – August 4, 2016 – Aquarium and Biking in Stanley Park

This morning began with breakfast at the cafeteria in our groups talking about the upcoming day. After our bellies were filled with hashbrowns and pancakes we headed to lessons to learn some English! After filling our brains we headed back to the cafeteria to indulge in some lunch! Some of the teachers even ate 4 […]

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