Splashing Habour Seals – August 3rd, 2018 – Metrotown Mall and Movies

After another day of lessons, we are working on our Wynchemna Tv still, of with some delicious breakfast lunch we headed to the huge Metrotown Mall! That place was huge! We started with a little shopping and then we all picked a movie. We had the choice between Mamma Mia or Mission Impossible: Fallout. I […]

Splashing Harbour Seals – August 2nd, 2018 – Vancouver Art Gallery, Paintball and Biking

What an exciting day! We started off our day at the Vancouver Art Gallery, where we enjoyed exhibits from David Milne and “Cabin Fever”. We completed our work as we explored the different piece of art, what a treat! After our fun morning, we ate at the Pacific Centre. Then we drove over to the […]

Splashing harbour seals – Aug 1 – Extreme air park, water park

After lessons and lunch, we hopped on the bus and headed off for an afternoon at the Extreme Air Park in Richmond, where we literally bounced off the walls. lots of us tried new flips and trampoline tricks. there was even a skateboard you could go down the tumbling lane with. In the end, our […]

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