From China to France, to Mexico to Italy, to Russia to Taiwan, to Czech to Germany, and all the way back to Canada… the Chattering Wapiti created dishes from all around the world today!

The Chattering Wapiti started the day off with a well-deserved late breakfast. After our typical three lessons, we headed to Northhill Centre to grab some lunch and got groceries for our international dinners.

Once back at SAIT, the Chattering Wapiti quickly got to work, creating their masterpieces!

From China, we had beef and vegetable fried rice with dumplings. France and Italy created cheesy pasta with bread. Mexico cooked up nachos, quesadillas, tacos, and delicious churros. Russia, Czech and Germany teamed up to create some delicious pancakes, and Taiwan whipped up some rice with beef, tomatoes and eggs!

After our scrumptious meal, we headed off to karaoke where we showed off our singing talent and danced and laughed the night away!


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