In the French language, we have the following saying: « Jamais deux sans trois. » It means that something cannot happen twice without happening a third time. This saying was fulfilled when we had another well-deserved later breakfast this morning.

Following our lessons and a delightful lasagna lunch, the Wapitis headed to the Olympic Oval, home of the 1988 Winter Olympic speed skating competitions. Did you know that speed skaters can reach an average speed of 52 km/h (32 mph)? When our teacher Arianne tried to attain such speeds, we saw her (literally) fly into the oval’s benches. Thankfully, she was not injured, and we all had a hearty laugh at her expense.

The following section was written by Alex and Yona, our two French language students, about their time at the Olympic Oval:

Aujourd’hui nous sommes allés faire du patinage sur une patinoire Olympique. C’était très amusant. Pourquoi ? Parce que les professeurs devaient nous chasser sur patins pour prendre nos vingt-cinq sous et nous étions souvent plus vite qu’eux !

After dinner, we were off to play the most requested sport here at Wynchemna: soccer. Although the first minutes of the game suggested that the match would end in a tie, Emmanuel’s team defeated Yona’s team 4-1.

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