Today we had the long-awaited trip to West Edmonton Mall—the biggest mall in North America—for our foxes! Breakfast was quick, but nutritious and yummy as always! After breaky we hopped on the bus and the trek for West Edmonton began. While the foxes were tired, they made the best of the trip because they were so excited. Once they arrived, they were treated to an awesome, but quick, lunch before they got a chance to explore the mall.
The foxes had three options for the day: spending the whole day in the waterpark, spending the whole day shopping, or splitting the day in the waterpark and shopping in the mall. Half the foxes opted to split the day, while the other half decided to shop the whole day because the mall is so massive. The foxes who went to the waterpark had such a fun time that they almost didn’t leave! The wavepool was a great time, and the many different types of body and tube slides kept them busy the whole time. Free drinks and a hot tub for relaxing completed our time at the waterpark.
As fun as the waterpark was, exploring everything else the mall had to offer was just as fun. With over 800 stores and services including nine attractions, two hotels and over 100 dining venues in the complex, the mall offered so much to do for each and every fox. They explored candy, toy, clothing and shoes stores, watched the figure skating and even got a chance to see the seal show. The foxes had so much fun they could have spent an entire week exploring the West Ed Mall, but the day unfortunately had to come to end. We arrived back at SAIT at the end of the day and the foxes were so exhausted from all the shopping, exploring and waterpark fun that they had no problem falling asleep, anticipating the busy day to come tomorrow!

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