Today was a great day for the foxes!! The students started off the day with a great breakfast and a lesson. It wasn’t just a regular lesson though…they got to write newspaper articles about this camp, what they enjoyed most and so much more. After this lesson, they got to go to the computer lab to type up their article in a document and make it look nice.
They got to eat lunch after the class and the computer lab and really enjoyed the variety there was for lunch today.

After lunch, they were in for a long bus ride to Horseshoe Canyon where they hiked around for an hour. They were so exhausted but there was fresh juicy watermelon waiting for them at the end of the hike so they can get refreshed. The next stop was the Royal Tyrrell Museum where the students learnt a whole bunch of things about dinosaurs! They went through the different times and also got to visit the planetarium.

After the visit to the museum, they had a picnic in Drumheller at a park where they enjoyed some hot dogs and hamburgers. They also enjoyed the sprinklers and pool. They took a final picture with a giant dinosaur and headed back to SAIT. They had a fun road trip back where the students sang, danced and napped. They were exhausted and went to bed right away in preparation for tomorrow being their last full day at Wynchemna!

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