The dreadful last day ):

We started the day by gathering in our breakfast rooms one last time. It was a fun-filled breakfast. After, it was time for one last sport, kayaking. As opposed to canoeing, we got our own boat this time. In the beautiful August weather we went for a paddle in the Glenbow Reservoir.

After lunch, it was time to celebrate the Canadian adventure of the last few weeks. First, we watched a slideshow created by the teachers which reviewed all the memorable moments of the camp, from the first day, lots of activities, down to today and everything in between. The students also had videos made for all the teachers of the camp and everyone shed a few (or many) tears.

Next we all headed to the grand hall of SAIT for the Wynchemna award ceremony. Everyone got the awards that defined them throughout the past three weeks. They enjoyed their awards and they enjoyed knowing what us teachers thought of them.

They went out for dinner at Denny’s after and enjoyed some frosties for dessert as a celebration of being such a great group. It still was not the end of the day and the students got to enjoy the evening at Karaoke Night with the rest of the students and teachers. They sang a variety of songs and danced along with each other. They all later went back to hang out with the rest of the group in their apartments and common areas to say goodbye to the many friends they have made in the past few weeks that will last them a lifetime.

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