It isn’t a morning at Wynchemna without a great breakfast so, of course, the morning started with that. The lessons were fun once again. We learned tons of idioms.

After lunch, we took the bus to the Volleydome to play some volleyball. For some of us it was the first time while others were pretty experienced. Regardless, it was fun and we all played a game together in the end. Then, we took the bus again this time to the climbing centre. It was our second day in a row climbing so we got a chance to try out even the hardest of climbing walls. It was tiring but fun.

We had dinner at Denny’s and then we joined other audience for an improvised show at Loose Moose. The most impressive part, the actors created the show on the go, right as it was happening. You’d think that wouldn’t be good, but it was actually hilarious.

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