Marmots – August 14, 2018 – Last Day

WOW!! What a last day we had at Wynchemna today with the Marmots. We had our last breakfast today in our breakfast groups and of course we splurged on food with a massive feast….because, well, it was our last breakfast! After that, the Marmots brainstormed ideas for their newspaper articles and then proceeded to write rough drafts in the classrooms. The Marmots made top 10 Wynchemna moments, wrote about their favourite stories, interviews with other students and so much more. They then went to the SAIT computer lab to type up the articles and turn them into newspaper-style prints.

After the newspaper we finished the Marmots headed back to the residence and were such a help to the teachers as they cleaned their rooms and apartments. They then packed up their suitcases and then headed to the common room for the end of camp slideshow and the awards ceremony. Some tears were shed and many laughs were had during the slideshow which had pictures and videos from the beginning to end of the camp and everything in between. After the slideshow, the teachers handed out the awards, and each Marmot won a very specific and unique award.

After the awards were done, we piled on a bus for the last dinner together, which was great as usual. The Marmots were treated to yummy frosties after the dinner, courtesy of camp director Roland as a reward for being such well-behaved campers for the last three weeks.

The night ended with an awesome dance/karaoke party in the SAIT residence basement, where the Marmots showed off their awesome singing voices and dance moves. That marked the end of the night, as the Marmots have to get up oh so early tomorrow morning for their flight back to China.

That marks the end of another amazing, fun-filled camp and while it tears us teachers up to even think about it, all good things must come to an end. On behalf of San, Dylan Michelle, Ali, Mikaela and all the other junior teachers, we wish the Marmots all the best in life. They will be missed dearly by us Wynchema teachers.

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