We went on a very exciting but tiring walk up Grouse Mountain. Good thing our students packed their water bottles and ate extra food at the cafeteria for lunch.  What a surprise to see a Starbucks at the bottom. The way up was very beautiful and the scenery was very great. Although it was hard to climb it was interesting and adventurous. The fastest students were up with Adam in the front at 54 minutes, and the back-end of the group arrived in under two hours! It was neat to see that the first six people up were all from different countries.

At the top there was a gondola that would take us back down. There was also a restaurant and two happy grizzly bears. The orphan cubs were in their home sanctuary, one on the grassy field and the other was swimming in the pond. The students were in awe of how big they were.

There were also chairlifts and other things to see, but most of all our students were looking forward to seeing a bag of trail mix and a water fountain at the top! After taking in the sights of Greater Vancouver from the mountain lookout, the students went down on the gondola back to Josh waiting at the bus.

Though it was tiring and while the student’s feet were sore, they still had a lot of fun and made our legs stronger and improved our endurance. So when we returned to UBC, students participated in a spa night with face masks, massages and some whale song music before bedtime.

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