Today we ate sausages, waffles, and eggs for breakfast. After a lovely breakfast, we went to our three lessons before lunch. Adara made us do her lesson on marriage. We debated the benefits of getting married or not getting married. In Josh’s lesson we worked on a t-shirt design contest, with the best design of the camp to be put on a shirt. In Maggie’s class we continued work on a film. There are a lot of teams that work on different stories: one is horror movies combining pranks, and we had to prepare props like fake blood and masks, and choose what scenes to be filmed.

After lunch we played lacrosse. It is a Canadian sport that requires a long racquet with a net at the end to catch a ball and throw it into the other team’s net. We had fun running back and forth and learning to use the racquets and not our feet to kick the ball. There seems to be a lot of North American games that require your hands and balls than using your feet!

After we visited the biggest mall in the Vancouver area: Metrotown. At Metrotown we had a lot of shops we could visit, and also took in a few movies. They included the new Bourne series movie, and Nerve, which is an online game thriller. Afterwards we went home with our bus full of shopping bags and had a well-rested sleep!

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