This morning began with breakfast at the cafeteria in our groups talking about the upcoming day. After our bellies were filled with hashbrowns and pancakes we headed to lessons to learn some English! After filling our brains we headed back to the cafeteria to indulge in some lunch! Some of the teachers even ate 4 cookies by themselves!

Lunch was followed by a trip on the bus to the Vancouver Aquarium! here students got to enjoy seeing creatures such as beluga whales, penguins, dolphins and an assortment of fish. There were shows, demonstrations and many exhibits to look around and learn from while we explored to aquarium. This amazing experience was continued by a wonderful meal of fresh sushi, picnic style! After eating all that we decided to burn some calories by riding around Stanley park on bikes, after the ride Maggie, Addy, Bertrand, Federico and Thierry all jumped into the ocean to cool off.

The bus picked us up and we returned back to UBC to play Prisoners in the Woods. This thrilling dark night game saw everyone giving it their all as they ran through the woods looking for the flags of the opposing team.

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