Today’s day started with a full breakfast in the cafeteria at UBC, as we prepared ourselves for the upcoming day. Our morning meal prepped us for English lessons to follow. There we learned a lot of new things with our teachers, Gene and Eric even had the opportunity to learn about buses up close and personal! Then we headed to lunch before getting on the bus to go to the Extreme Air Park.

The trampoline park was wall to wall of trampolines, complete with a foam pit, dodge ball and basketball! After two hours of jumping around, we went to Subway for supper before heading to Watermania! Here we enjoyed waterslides, a wave pool and lots of pool noodles and fun toys. After a good time swimming we returned to UBC where we closed the evening with some Moon Hockey. Our street hockey used special glow in the dark balls to light our time outside as we played Canada’s greatest sport!  This concluded our night of fun as we headed to bed, ready to sleep and get ready for our day tomorrow.


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