Today we went across the inlet over to North Vancouver to visit Lynn Canyon. The Canyon is wooded and has a suspension bridge across it. The students were excited because it was bouncy and shook when they walked on it. We went for a little walk to the river and had a small swim in the pure mountain water. Cold though too!

We ate sandwiches on the bus afterwards because our evening was so jam-packed that we didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun that we had next. We went to laser tag and we all were very sweaty running around shooting friends and foes! The green team ended up victorious. After laser tag we went to a unique thing in Vancouver: The Richmond Night Market. It is one of the biggest in Canada.

The unique food we tried at the night market included: stinky tofu, a delicacy from Taiwan. BBQ beef and bubble tea with many different flavours, cooked octopus, and ramen soup. We also went looking around at the shops and picked up some cute stationery, cell phone and electronic accessories, Korean socks, and fashionable duck hairpins.

We came home late ready for a nice sleep, but before we could we had to celebrate the birthday of a very special guy: Mike, one of our teachers. He blew out the candles and sadly had no girlfriends. Everyone presented him with homemade birthday cards. After eating carrot cake as auburn as Adara’s hair we went to sleep ready for another day of fun.

Written by: Gene, Taiwan

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