We got to sleep in until 9 AM today! It was a rest well needed. We started the day off by doing our laundry, and then moved on to lessons. Unfortunately kayaking was cancelled due to the thunder storm, but no worries, our teachers prepared a wonder lesson for us. After lunch the rest of the students who didn’t get a chance to kayak got to go once the sky cleared up.

At 7pm, we had supper at Boston pizza, where we had pasta- yum! Once we finished dinner we got to dress up and head over to Wynchemna casino night! With a handful of Monopoly money, we played black jack, poker, Uno, and Bingo! Lastly, we got to use the money we won to bid on prizes! Someone won a cowboy hat! Which is perfect because we are going to the Stampede tomorrow 🙂 I can’t wait!!!!

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