Today was a packed day at Wynchemna. Right after our nutritious breakfast of fresh fruit, toast and jam, we had our three regulatory lessons which the students all love and perpetually look forward to. Then we got our gear for the day together and headed for lunch at Swiss Chalet for an exotic meal.

We were all excited for Drumheller and it did not disappoint. We were greeted on the highway by a giant life-size T-Rex! After we arrived, we went for an adventurous hike through Horseshoe Canyon, admiring the beautiful rock structures and the desert-like sand. Along the way we encountered little fuzzy creatures known as prairie dogs, curious little things! The hike was full of steep hills and scary cliffs, but after we finished the circuit and snacked on some refreshing watermelon slices, we overlooked the wonderful landscape.

Next we headed for swimming at an indoor pool where there were slides, diving boards, a basketball hoop and a big bouncy ball that we tried to keep up in the air as long as possible. After much fun and laughter, we realized we hadn’t had supper yet. Thankfully, a barbeque supper was prepared for us. We had hotdogs, burgers, salad and drinks. We had our fill and played soccer, football and Frisbee. On the bus ride home, we watched the sun set over the beautiful Albertan fields. The end.


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