As the smell of pancakes roused the kids from sleep, the teachers finished packing the last of the snacks for their busy day ahead.
However, before the party bus was loaded, each student gathered in their lesson groups to begin the creation of the Wynchemna newspaper. Each student helped by either writing beautifully touching articles, funny top tens, or drawing jaw dropping pictures. Parents, this is definitely something to keep your eye out for!!

After a quick lunch, the students hopped on the bus and headed first to Horseshoe Canyon. What first appeared to be a flat horizon quickly turned into deep chasms, whose paths webbed their way deep into the distance. With the sun beating down and happy voices echoing off the rocks, all students ventured into the canyon, weaving their way through the maze of paths. The goal? To summit one peak in the centre! Arriving at the desired peak, groups of students braved the loose rocks and climbed up to take the celebratory photo at the top. Once all the photos had been taken, students and teachers headed back to the bus and continued on their way to Drumheller!

The students knew they were close when giant dinosaurs filled their horizons. The bus pulled up in front of the famous Royal Tyrell Museum and each student got the chance to peruse the beautiful exhibits.

A quick bus ride later, the students decided between swimming or exploring around Drumheller while burgers, hotdogs, salads, and fruits were being prepared. With laughter and funny stories all the food was eaten. The bus was loaded for one final time and the students headed back to SAIT filling the bus with their sleepy voices. Happy and tired the kids entered their rooms excited for what tomorrow has in store.

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