Good Morning! We had a great day as we continued with our breakfast groups and lessons. We drew our lives and described our morning routines, all in English! After lunch, we tried the Canadian sport of lacrosse. As we carried the ball across the field in our sticks, and our teammates cheered us up from the sideline, we fell in love with this Canadian national sport. The game was exhilarating, as we all loved it and would love to play it again. We had an early dinner at Dairy Queen, because we know we’d be eating more food later at the night market! We got to choose from so many different flavors of blizzards! Shortly after dinner we went to the arena on UBC campus and tried ice skating. The experts helped the beginners and we had so much fun!

When we finally got to the night market at around 9, we had such an enjoyable time as we experienced a taste of Asian culture through the market and the food. We tried things like bubble tea and tofu, what a treat! What an amazing day!

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