With the end of camp in sight, the English lessons today focused on reflection and the future. As the stresses of packing would soon be upon the students, they discussed their favourite ways to de-stress and even practiced some guided meditation and yoga in one class.

Once our Sea Lions ate a delicious lunch at the cafeteria, they packed their knapsacks for a trip to the Vancouver Aquarium. Feeling right at home, our students explored amazing exhibits such as ‘Sea Monsters Revealed’ and viewed incredible marine animals such as beluga whales and Chester the dolphin.

The overwhelming favourite however, were the playful sea otters that swam and flipped around the water. Two of the smaller otters even wrestled with each other to the students’ amazement. We enjoyed a calming dinner of sushi in Stanley Park followed by our popular “Anything But Wifi” time back at UBC. Last day of full lessons tomorrow!


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