Day 1:
Us Lynxes always have exciting starts to our days and today was no exception! We split into two groups, one mountain biking, the other horse back riding. The horses were beautiful and us campers trouped through a four hour ride! The view was beautiful and our food was mmmmmmm delicious. Don’t think our bike riders didn’t have an equally exciting day though! We started off with a refreshing swim in the lake and made it back to our campsite just in time. We got a hail storm! The hail was as large as golf balls, and while we took shelter during the storm we had a lot of fun with the ice and snow once it was done. What an absolute change though, when later that afternoon the weather turned beautiful and we had a successful bike ride and sport competition! We conquered the hills, both uphill and downhill, and pushed through. It was great to be reunited with the team and being all together for a delicious dinner at the end of the day.

Day 2:
Sadly we parted ways again, switching teams for bike riding and the other team heading to the Glacier Ice Fields. The bikers didn’t want to be left out so they also got some hail before successfully making it out for another rigorous bike ride. They were true sportsmen battling through those mountains. Our group heading to ice fields were not to be disappointed with our beautiful weather out on the glacier. What a crazy experience getting to not only see a glacier up close but to stand on it! For some of us Wynchemna campers it was our first time seeing ice!! It was a busy day but worth it for that view. We stopped at least five times on our way home taking in all the mountains and lakes that mother nature had to offer us.

Day 3:
Hiking day!! as well as a rainy day!! We had a bit of a disappointing stop when a thunderstorm came our way but we Lynxes were not to be deterred. We took some time to make delicious sandwiches and eat tons of fruits and veggies waiting for the storm to pass. Luckily it did! We had a little less time in our time but we went to a lake near by to hike around it. Super convenient for our swimmers, we sweat a lot and had a refreshing dip in the water. It was pretty chilly but we embraced the Canadian way and braved the cold! For a slow start to our day we had an amazing time and ended with a bonfire and smores to keep us warm. We played music late into the night dancing and singing together.

Day 4:
One of our most anticipated days of the camp, West Edmonton Mall Day! We hit the road early with our part buses in full mode having a great time. The drive was long but felt like it flew by as we headed to the water park. We split up so our more experienced shoppers could really get to business. While those who has adventure on the brain headed to the wild water park. We spent hours of fun trying to hit every slide in the park, and we couldn’t forget about the giant wave pool! Fresh and clean we ran out to get a bit of shopping in before meeting up with everyone. We drove to a nearby lake to enjoy some pizza before starting our trek back to our campsite. Sad we only have one more day of camping!

Day 5:
A bit of a sad start to our day, some of our camp headed to Vancouver on their road trip. Many of us got up to wave them off and say our good byes.Today was SUPPOSED to be only relaxing, but our Lynxes were not to be stopped. They were determined to use this day of sunshine to our greatest advantage and hit that hike! We powered through and it was so worth it! Wow what an experience and a view. We were so proud of our work to the top and loved every second. We headed back down to enjoy the rest of our relax day and start packing to head back to Calgary!

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