The Calgary stampede breakfast was a success this morning! The kids loved their real Canadian experience having pancakes with maple syrup and some amazing sausages! After breakfast we headed back to SAIT to have some fun lessons and lunch. Today was the day we have that all the teachers have been looking forward to. This was the day where the students got to show us there mad skills in the kitchen. Each group made a dish from the countries they are from. The students were mixed and assigned to our head chefs who taught their groups how to cook some international foods. Everything was fantastic and the kids had a blast.

The hit of the day was hands down karaoke. The kids all loved singing to some hit songs. Our hosts, Mikaela and Eva are probably the greatest hosts Wynchemna has ever seen. The hit song of the night was our show closer where Justin Bieber made an appearance. The crowd went wild for him! The kids were so tired that they went straight to bed after an amazing day here at Wynchemna!

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