Today was a very busy and fun day for the paddling river otters. It was definitely one of those days that they will remember and treasure forever (just like every other day at Wynchemna). The lessons started once again today and after a yummy lunch the otters turned their journalism skills on, to start working on some very intriguing news articles. The otters than put on their sporting gear and headed out to learn and practise some good old Canadian football. They also got a chance after that to go to a place very familiar to otters. The place of course is water! Instead of jumping right in, our odd otters decided to jump in a kayak instead! The day was still not over for the otters however, and after a delicious supper our energetic otters met with a professional from Loose Moose to attend a workshop full of learning, bonding, some acting and of course fun fun fun!!

Paddling River Otters - July 19th 2018 - Football, Kayaking, Loose Moose

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