It was a great morning because we got to sleep in lots. Breakfast and lessons seemed to fly by because they were sooooo fun. We learned lots and were excited for lunch.

After lunch, we gathered in our classes and prepared a design and build costumes for the fashion show. The twist, we could only use newspaper and tape. After a few hours of handwork the models were all dressed up and ready to hit the catwalk. We the music on, the models took turns showing off their designer outfits. With the help of our judge, Adam, we determined the best dressed class and gave out prizes. Before we knew it, it was time for dinner.

In the evening it was time to dress up again! This time we put on our nicest outfits and headed out to the casino. Upon arrival we got some Wynchemna dollars to spend and went off to gamble. There were lots of good choices for games like Poker, Roulette, Spoons, Uno and Bingo. At the end of the night, with our wallets full of cash, it was time for an auction. All kinds of exciting items were sold.

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