Today was another early breakfast but it was well worth the effort as that meant more time at the mall. After the quick meal we hopped on the bus and headed to Edmonton. As the mall emerged around the corner everyone was very excited. The mall was enormous!!

After a filling lunch at the food court we split of, for shopping and swimming groups. For those that went shopping, it was a day full of exciting shopping in all our favourite stores. For those that went for a swim it was a fun filled afternoon of water slides, waves and diving. As Dustin likes to say, “there was no wrong choice” this afternoon.

As we gathered to get on the bus at the end of the day our hands were full with shopping bags of clothes, shoes, books, candy and souvenirs.

On the bus, we joined together in singing all our favorite songs. All in all it was quite the day.

Paddling River Otters - July 9th, 2018 - West Edmonton Mall

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