My Story at Wynchemna

Dear Roland,

This is a letter to thank you for making my fourteen-year-old summer so unforgettable.

I’m a student from Taiwan, and I joined the 2009 Wynchemna summer camp. I was in the Cougars group, and my name is Yvonne. For the last year, I have missed the Wynchemna summer camp so much, and it is like things had just happened. It is an awesome summer for me, and I’ll never forget everything that happened there.


First, thanks for mixing up different country’s students. At first, I don’t think this is a good idea and I also I think it may difficult to communicate with other country’s students, so we may not have a lot of fun during this camp. But, after spending three weeks with different country’s students, I found out that I had a lot of fun, and I knew more about different cultures.

Second, thanks for the “Quarters rule”. For the entire time of this camp, I did not agree with this rule at all, and I think this rule is so stupid and ridiculous. But, after three weeks, I have learned a lot and really think this is a great rule!! My English speaking had really improved a lot because of this rule. Thank you so much!!

Last, I’m going to write down my feeling about Wynchemna.

This is my story in Wynchemna

Last summer, I went to Canada for my summer vacation. This was my first time to Canada, and I was super exciting. When I arrived, there’s no one in the dorm, my cousin, Frances, and I are the only students who will sleep in this dorm that night. We are so afraid, so we went to sleep right after we settled ourselves. The second day, we woke up and went for breakfast. All of the teachers are nice to us that our hearts were warmed up. We had a great breakfast with those awesome teachers.

After that, other country’s student started to arrive one after another. Then, I met many students from other country. To be honest, I did not think this is going to be a great vacation in the beginning of the vacation because we are not allowed to speak our home language at all, and of course only few of us can understand mandarin. I thought it might be hard to communicate with others in English, but few days had past and I did not have any problems communicating with others, in fact, I had a lot of fun!! Having fun knowing different cultures and manners, it was so interesting that I can’t make myself stop talking to my friends. To tell the truth, I did not mention that I’m using English every moment.


Every day we had plenty of stuff to do together. There are always things to do together, we played group games, we played lots of sports together, we act crazy on the road together and we laugh hard together… there’re so many things for us to do together. I knew that Roland tried very hard to design many interesting games so we will “have to” speak English to each other to win the game, and it was awesome!! After all the actives, here comes the camping!! It was an incredible experience for me because I have never ever camp in a “real” mountain and sleep in a tent. During the camping, we hiked up to the glacier, oh my god! That was super tired!! And the most interesting part is that some of the students and teachers had seen little bears moving around our tents, so the teachers tried very hard not to let the bears appear around our tents.

The best memory of all is the disco party. I danced with many French boys and few Mexican girls, oh was a great experience for me because we do not have much chance to dance at this age in Taiwan. At last, it’s time to leave. Saying good-bye to each other was so hard, and I did not realize that time flew so fast. When it was time to say good-bye, I just can’t believe I have to leave my friends, it is like we just met each other a while ago and we have to say good-bye right way. Maybe spent only three weeks together, but they are really my “true friends”.

Spending three weeks in Calgary, Canada is a lot of fun, and I really enjoy it. I still can’t believe that most of us still keep in touch and we are still good friends!! This summer, I’m going to meet Astrid, who is my roommate in Wynchemna, in Toronto, Canada and I’m super excited about that!!

Thanks for this friendship!!

Thanks to Wynchemna!!


A summer you’ll never forget!

“I tried skating, ice hockey, rock climbing, kayaking and so many other activities. I will never forget the camping trip along the Rockies. I was just speechless with such beautiful landscapes. I saw the most beautiful stars in my life. Wynchemna is simply the best!” – Paula  [button link=”” size=”small” color=”silver” window=”yes”]More Testimonials[/button]


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