How has the time flown so quickly? We came back from camping in a whirl of unpacking and showering and working to look our best. We looked great and couldn’t wait to party!

We started with a wonderful slideshow showcasing our favourite memories of camp, it brought some tears both of sadness and laughter as we watched our silly escapades of our time here at Wynchemna. We then took a break from memory lane to head to a delicious dinner at an amazing restaurant Nick’s! We ate and ate and ate, some of us couldn’t even finish our plates we were so full! By consensus of the whole camp it was best restaurant we had been to and therefore a very fitting last dinner here in Canada. We then headed back to do our awards for the night! Everyone received prizes and certificates for their time here at Wynchemna and cheered each other on as the night went on.

Of course our fun was not even close to being over yet, it was PARTY TIME! We headed over to dance and dance our night away! It was so much fun and we allowed to students to share their favourite music from their country, what fun to see everyone dressed up and letting loose for the night! No one went to bed wanting to spend every last moment with each other. We all hung out till dawn, when the tearful goodbyes began. It’s always hard to say goodbye at the end of a camp, but we all leave with promises of visiting and exploring each others countries. We know we all still have so much to learn from each other and to share with each other.

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