It was the last day before our adventurous marmots headed out to the majestic rocky mountains for a week of camping! The marmots decided to do laundry today and after some intriguing lessons they had lunch provided by our very own happy hut on campus. The marmots were then instructed on some very important camping skills and were provided liners, sleeping bags, foamies etc., to keep them warm and comfortable in their tents. They also learned the how to’s of tent making and taking down. Our marmots were very excited upon learning who their tent groups were and bonded with their tent mates through making personalized t-shirts, songs and presenting them in front of the entire camp! Camp group spirits were even higher after that because it was time for tent games! There was a lot of water, a lot of playing and most of all, a lot of fun! Having some delicious pizza for supper added to the amazing time! The day finished for the marmots with packing and preparing for the most amazing camping trip of their lives!

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