Day 1 – Sunday, August 5th, 2018

Today was the day all the Marmots had been looking forward too for a long time. The marmots were very excited because it was time to leave for camping in the beautiful Rocky Mountains!! After a delicious and nutritious breakfast, as well as some amazing and intriguing lessons, all the marmots packed up their adventuring gear and headed out to the Pocaterra campgrounds for a week. Upon arriving the marmots had their tents already ready for them and after setting up in their tent groups the marmots enjoyed a delicious meal of chicken souvlaki, tasty fruits and of course delicious salad! After a nutritious supper, everyone got warm around the campfire and ended the day on a happy satisfied note in one of the most beautiful natural places on earth.

Day 2 – Monday, August 6th, 2018

After an exciting night for the marmots (as most of them slept in tents for the first time), the day started with another nutritious and delicious breakfast. This time english style breakfast. The marmots could not wait to get started on the days adventures as this was the day they were going to go mountain biking! Some of our marmots were already expert bike riders whereas others were completely new to it! Our expert marmots enjoyed a bike ride on a very beautiful trail whereas the rest of them practices their biking skills with the help of coaches! Some marmots enjoyed mountain biking so much that they decided to go twice! After that the marmots joined in on fun games including volleyball, soccer, badminton, frisbee and etc. The day passed with the blink of an eye and soon it was time for another warm campfire under the gazing eyes of hundreds of stars.

Day 3 – Tuesday August 7th, 2018

The marmots were feeling so adventurous on this day that they decided to climb a mountain! Well not really, more like they decided to take a hike in the very alluring Kananaskis backcountry leading to a captivating scenery beside a beautiful lake. After a delicious breakfast the marmots left early for the ~ 5 km hike and enjoyed the spectacles that Alberta had to offer. After the hike they had a delicious lunch beside Rawson lake and some marmots even decided to take a swim! Another surprise was waiting for the marmots because as they arrived to the finish of the hike they saw and felt a big chunk of snow for the first time! Many memories were made, many selfies were taken and much bonding happened.

Day 4 – Wednesday August 8th, 2018

It was a very early but also very fun day for the marmots today. The day started with a drive to the biggest tourist hub in Alberta, after some yummy breakfast, called lake Louise! Some of the marmots got off at the lake for a ride on some of the most majestic creatures on the planet: Horses! While these adventurous marmots were horse back riding through nature itself, the others were on a bus ride to the great Athabasca glaciers head of the bow river which runs through practically all of Alberta. Some of the marmots were seeing snow for the first time, and the glaciers were a perfect way to see years worth of it at once! After exploring the ice fields the marmots headed back and joined their friends at lake Louise for a family picture. For dinner they enjoyed pizza from a beautiful town in the mountains called Canmore and there is no need to explain how excited the otters were about that.

Day 5 – Thursday August 9th, 2018

After 4 days of adventure adventure adventure and fun fun fun the marmots decided to take this one for relaxing. They got out the piggy banks and the swimsuits and headed out to one of Canada’s most beautiful historic sites called Banff which the marmots learned is also a designated national park. The day inBanff started with yummy burgers, fruits and veggies for lunch after which the marmots explored the Banff village. Their the marmots bought many yummy treats, explored the beauty that Banff had to offer, took many pictures and of course bought many cool souvenirs for their loved ones. All in all it was a day full of relaxation, shopping, and of course the never ending selfies.

Day 6 – Friday August 10th, 2018

After many days full of nature, bonding, campfires, s’mores, singing, dancing, games, sports, exploring, adventuring and of course english learning, it was time for the marmots to head back to the Wynchemna campus at SAIT. By now the family of marmots were an efficient team and quickly packed their bags, played some games, got last looks at the beautiful camp around them and made there way back to Calgary. Before leaving however the marmots had one last yummy lunch at the Pocaterra camp for which they ate tortias, pancakes, lots of fruits and veggies and etc. The marmots finally arrived back home, took there showers and got what otters desire the most of all things, Wifi! The day however was still young so the marmots first had dinner at one of the most trendy restaurants in Canada called denny’s and than they headed out to the loose moose theatre for a very entertaining show compromising of improve acting and comedy. The marmots were given their shopping money and went to bed excited for the next day as it is time to go to one of the largest malls in the world!!

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