Wow, another great day here at Wynchemna. The morning started with a great breakfast of fruit, eggs, bacon, toast, and cereal that provided our marmots with enough brain-food for their engaging lessons that followed. In the lessons, they learned about the geography and history of Canada, idioms, homophones and so much more! After the lessons, the marmots packed on to the bus and headed to the Calgary Canoe Club where they all got a chance to canoe for the first time. The weather was amazing and everyone had a blast….plus no one fell into the lake so that was a bonus! It was a day of “firsts’ for our marmots because after the canoe session they all played a sport they had never tried before: baseball! We practised our catching and passing and then ended the session with a home-run derby! Dinner was the next item on the agenda, and the marmots were lucky enough to get a little taste of home with some authentic Chinese food for supper. The food was great and everyone ate until they couldn’t eat anymore. After dinner, we headed back to SAIT where Sean from Loose Moose met up with us and led an amazing workshop on improvisation. The marmots were a little shy at first, but after a few minutes everyone was laughing and playing along like true improv actors. As usual, the marmots had no problems when they were told to go to bed, as they were exhausted from yet another fun-filled day at Wynchemna!

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