Another great day at Wynchemna! After morning lessons, we Loons took a road trip to Drumheller, the dinosaur capital of Canada. There we Loons dipped into the depths of dried lake – Horseshoe Canyon – where we explored where many brave archaeologists have found innumerable fossils.

Afterwards, we went to where they display many of those fossils: the Royal Tyrell Museum, a center of palaeontological research known for containing over 130, 000 fossils! We learned not only about dinosaurs but how life on earth in the past differs from today by understanding concepts like the scientific method, biogeography, what a species is and several other topics in the field of biology.

Finally, we ended our voyage with a sunset barbecue in Drumheller’s beautiful Rotary spray park. Some students cooled off in the fountain, but most found more energy for sports. and games. A final picture in front of downtown Drumheller’s T-rex, a classic Wynchemna photo, and then we loons flew back to nest.

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