Today we visited one of our all time favourite places, the home of the dinosaurs, Drumheller!!! Another great thing, we got to sleep in today! This meant having a later brunch for our first meal which included a gourmet spread of sausage, eggs, fruits vegetables, bacon and waffles, prepared by our expert chefs: the teachers, with lots of help from all the students of course!

Next we had some time to fine tune our talent show performances, the halls were filled with dancing, singing and drawing as students created, rewrote and perfected their performances, we can’t wait to see the talent show what a talented group we have this year! After, we packed up all our belongings and headed off to Drumheller. The bus ride was crazy and fun as always with lots of singing, playing card games, solving riddles and performing magic tricks.

We got to horseshoe canyon and were so amazed by the view, that we just had to take 15 minutes of selfies. We then embarked on an hike through the beautiful canyon. After we cooled down with a slice of watermelon and headed off to the Royal Tyrell Museum to visit those palaeontologist’s prehistoric pets… DINOSAURS!!! We were fascinated to find out that most of the dinosaurs in the museum had come from right here in Alberta and many even from Calgary!

After visiting the museum we drove to the splash park for a BBQ. Our gourmet chefs again prepared a five star meal of burgers hotdogs coupled with fruits and veggies. Some of us played soccer and football and others helped cook and clean. After we went back to playing sports and hanging out with our friends and setting off back home to SAIT. What a beautiful sunset we saw on the way home! We got back and headed straight to bed, tired from our great adventures today and be ready and rested for tomorrow!

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