On the first day, everyone was ecstatic about what the day will bring… Shopping!!! Right after a healthy breakfast and some amazing lessons about love, grammar games, and water madlibs! After we eagerly hopped on the bus and took off for Chinook Shopping Mall. The whole day was spent at mall, shopping, eating and watching movies.

After lunch, it was time for a relaxing afternoon at the movies. It was a hard choice between Jurassic park, Mama Mia, The Incredibles 2, Mission Impossible and Ant-Man. But we received great reviews from all the students. We finished off the day with a really Greak meal at OPA!

The next day was a day to remember for us here at Wynchemna history, only once before has any group here at SAIT achieved the feats that were achieved here today. Today was the 2nd ever Wynchemna’s Got Talent Show! The students spent most the day practicing and perfecting their performances and eating Burgers, Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Finally, stage was set, row upon row of seats lay facing the stage… the students in the audience sat filled with anticipation and awe as they stared at our enchanting host Lucas who lead the crowd through the Canadian anthem, O’Canada!

There was some seriously stupendous singing, some dangerously delightful dancing, some grandiosely great guitar playing and even some very original computerized art. The building shook with cheers of approval, bouts of laughter and cries of amazement. Even our most stern judges (teachers) couldn’t help but join in on the cheering some of us even shed some tears!

Overall the talent show was one of the best nights we’ve had so far and everyone was a star. At the end of the night we gave our heartfelt farewells to Sherry, Zeya, Yidi… tears were shed but only because of how much everyone appreciated their loving friendship.

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